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At SLI we help visitors to an ecommerce site find the products they want, but how can you, as an ecommerce manager, find the best solutions for your eCommerce business? What strategies work in your vertical? What new features are going to add to your bottom line vs. just adding to your expenses? Who has the solutions that are the right fit for your business?  Traditionally you had to do your own research into the solutions available that fit your needs, but now there is a new way – FitBase from FitForCommerce.

Our friends at FitForCommerce, the eCommerce consultancy, saw a need in the industry for a comprehensive, well-organized, knowledge base. A place where you could find 1000s of features, best practices, pitfalls, expert opinions, whitepapers – in short, everything you need to educate yourself, find the right resources, make the best-fit decisions.They put together a team of experts, did a tremendous amount of research and launched FitBase.

For the second year FitForCommerce have been asked by Internet Retailer to run the Navigation Desk at the Internet Retailer Conference. Seek them out and they will help you find what you’re looking for.



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