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Posted by , December 4th, 2011 at 1:14 pm PST
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Ed Hoffman just pointed out an interesting search box on the LA times site. When you click on the search box it pops up to a larger box and includes a link to their advanced search.
Before you click
LA times box
After you click
LA times big box

As part of our site search tips – we recommend making the search box large enough to handle most of your queries. If you’re just not able to afford the real estate then this is a nice compromise. Note: There are other benefits to having a large search box – the most important being a large search box is easier to find. You want it to be easier to find to encourage people to search because typically people who search will convert 2-3 times better than people who don’t.

I think search is less important on a news site than, say an ecommerce site. I think the LA times approach of having a small search box that gets larger when you click on it is sensible. Nice work LA times!


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  1. veoVeo Says:

    Even cooler is when you click on “Advanced Search” it expands to show the advanced search options rather than going to a separate search page. Very inspiring.

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