Online Sales Continue to Rise

But different regions are investing in different growth strategies.

The 2018 eCommerce Performance Indicators & Confidence (EPIC) Report indicates that 93% of retailers worldwide plan further expansion in 2018.

But what’s driving their confidence? How are businesses responding? 
And what trends can your business take advantage of to maximize growth?

Read the EPIC Report to find out.

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It shares findings from over 200 eCommerce professionals from around the globe, including:

  • Top-performing growth strategies
  • Year-over-year KPI comparisons
  • What’s trending in key eCommerce areas
  • How US eCommerce is poised to boom in 2018
  • How the increasing threat from mega-brands affects retailers
  • Top initiatives for online business in 2018
  • The growing role of personalization in eCommerce
  • …and more!
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