Power Your “OmniCommerce” System with SLI’s Hybris Search Engine

A proud hybris Extend Marketplace partner, SLI Systems developed a hybris search engine solution to provide the power of our cloud-based, artificial intelligence technology to retail clients using the hybris e-commerce platform.

Download our product brief on our Hybris Search Engine for SAP Hybris to find out how we can drive increased revenue for your e-commerce business.

Extraordinary “OmniCommerce”

SLI Learning Search Connect™ integrates with hybris to provide an outstanding hybris search experience by providing all features required for seamless integration. Easy enough right?

The Power of hybris + The Flexibility of SLI

The Learning Search Connect solution allows you to take advantage of the full suite of e-commerce apps, including Learning Search, Learning Navigation, Learning Recommendations, Site Champion, Dynamic Product Banners and SLI Mobile. Talk about a good deal.

Full hybris Product Catalog Indexing
SLI enhances your customer experience by indexing the full catalog of online product data and creating customized search results pages. Having a real time custom page solution promotes customer engagement and more sales.

Automatic Feed Creation and Transfer
No work required on your end. We’ll take it from here.

Compatible with All Versions of hybris 5
After implementation of the extension, SLI will replace hybris’ native site search engine with award-winning SLI Learning Search. Ready to upgrade?