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Dynamic Product Banners

Dynamic banners showing related products help reduce the bounce rate of those coming to your site from Internet searches and other referrals.

When a visitor arrives on one of your product pages by clicking an Internet search or paid search link, the product they see first may not be exactly what they had in mind. You can show site visitors more relevant products with SLI Dynamic Product Banners. These automatically-generated banners help visitors explore other products available on your site, leading to increased clickthroughs and conversions.

  • Improve conversion rates by creating “stickier” landing pages that show customers more products
  • Get near-real-time reports showing conversion rate, clickthrough rate, impressions and clicks
  • Customize content, design and product attributes that are shown

Increase ‘Stickiness’ of Your Landing Pages
Product pages that rank high in various search engines sometimes show products that are discontinued or out of stock. Or they may not have the exact appearance, brand or features the customer wants. Dynamic Product Banners show visitors other relevant products so they are less likely to bounce.

Use Detailed Reporting to Prove Your ROI
SLI’s reporting console gives you complete access to reports that track the efficacy of your banners. You’ll see detailed, near-real-time information on conversion rate, clickthrough rate, impressions and clicks, so you can better understand trends and merchandise popular products.

Customize Banners to Grab Visitors’ Attention
You can easily customize Dynamic Product Banners with your own information, design, animation and effects, as well as third-party features, such as carousels and sliders. Consistent design and unique features are important to keeping customers engaged.

Download the Dynamic Product Banners Product Brief.