Our Servers Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

At SLI, your success is our success and your goals are our goals. This is why we work hard to ensure that your website is up and running as efficiently as possible at all times. If your site is down, we’re not doing our job.

Fortunately, this is never the case with SLI technology. SLI has a reputation of high performance and proven uptime that is made possible through our multi-level redundant infrastructure. We have eleven data centers all around the world – from California to Hong Kong – and each client is hosted at multiple geographically separated data centers, eliminating any single point of failure.

For optimal reliability, our infrastructure is used only at a fraction of its capacity to allow for increased demand during peak shopping periods or other unanticipated events (aka Cyber Monday)

Let’s Get Technical

The SLI infrastructure is extremely sophisticated with multiple data centers managed by a global load balancer and a redundant architecture within each of the data centers managed by a local load balancer. In layman’s terms, this basically ensures that search traffic is funneled only to healthy servers within healthy data centers.

Together, the load balancer and search servers work to determine if a data center is down, then provide the end-user browser with a list of possible IP addresses to execute the search request. The browser then picks the IP address from one of the data centers.

If there is a failure at any one of the data centers or with a network connection, the problem IP address is removed from the list and the browser automatically sends the request to the next data center, ensuring that end-users never experience a site search outage.