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Our e-commerce webinars bring together commerce pioneers on the front lines of thought leadership. Listen and learn as they deliver today’s best practices and forward-looking strategies on all things e-commerce, from customer experience to artificial intelligence.

Join us live or listen on demand to bring radical results to your online retail.

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Welcome to your e-commerce personal trainer. Our library of past webinars are here to help you shape up your e-commerce strategy anytime, anywhere.

Designed Serendipity: Win Over Your Customers with a Little Luck

All-stars like Starbucks and Disney have unlocked the secret of brand loyalty. The emotional connections they build with customers transcends transactional relationships. They are designing serendipity. Find out how to engage customers to create loyalty and brand advocacy. Join SLI and Cartoon Network creative executive Loie Maxwell for an interview to learn more.

You’re under pressure to deliver impressive sales growth. You need to turn more online shoppers into buyers with an optimized customer experience. This webinar will show you:

  • Which trends drive changes in customer experience design
  • The playbook elements of designed serendipity
  • How big data can drive great shopping experiences


How video merchandising drives more sales: A customer success story

Effective merchandising connects shoppers with the right product. But many online stores are finding that’s not enough to get the sale. That’s the challenge Steiner Tractor faced. They needed to boost the sales of their massive selection of vintage tractor parts.

In this video merchandising webinar, SLI Systems and TVPage share exactly how Steiner Tractor launched video merchandising to transform how shoppers find products and click “Add to Cart” fast…and frequently.

You’ll learn how to:

• Help shoppers find the product they are most likely to buy
• Merchandise better with video
• Scale your video merchandising without the headaches


High Performance Customer Experience: Crate & Barrel Interview

The pressure is on for you to deliver on big sales growth expectations. You can’t afford for your hard-earned traffic to bounce.  That’s why optimizing your customer experience is more important than ever.  Watch our in-depth interview with Heather Gassman, eCommerce Product Manager for Crate & Barrel, to learn how they have improved their online customer experience to score big results.

Hear for yourself how Crate & Barrel, CB2 and Land of Nod are:

  • Scoring relevancy to increase profitability
  • Using artificial intelligence to increase conversion and reduce development time/cost
  • Tuning for revenue (tweaking results for 27 search terms generated more than $33k in 3 months)


Time to Switch your Learning Recommendations Provider?

You know effective recommendations and online merchandising can connect shoppers with the right product. You likely already have a plugin installed. But many online stores are finding that’s not enough.
In this recommendations engine webinar, we’ll share the latest in recommendations and merchandising technology that leading online retailers are using to help buyers to click “Add to Cart” fast… and frequently.


Master Personalization & Other Apparel E-Commerce Trends In 2017

Dive deep into e-commerce trends specific to retailers of apparel, fashion, shoes and accessories. Learn to convert more shoppers into buyers and shorten the path to purchase.


How to Maximize Your Merchandising

Merchandising online has one goal – to connect shoppers with the right products.  You want buyers to click “Add to Cart” fast…and frequently.  Merchandise well and you’ll increase conversions and boost your average order values.  But execution can be difficult.  Learn expert tips and tricks in this online merchandising webinar to help you take the guesswork out of your merchandising strategy.


Predict More Sales with Personalization

A personalized shopping experience is a powerful way to increase conversion rates. Easy to say; difficult to deliver. Until now.

SLI has just taken mind reading to a whole new level with SLI ESP™. Now you can dynamically personalize the critical elements of your site’s shopping experience for both your first-time visitors and loyal customers. We call it ESP for a reason..


How to Automate SEO with High-Converting Customer Data

Join Bob Angus, E-Commerce Expert, and Shaun Ryan, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of SLI systems to learn about how SLI Site Champion® leverages your visitors’ site search activity to improve your ranking in search engines. Watch this in-depth ecommerce SEO webinar to scale your SEO strategy.


Power Conversions with Predictive Commerce

Presented by Bob Angus, E-Commerce Expert, and Shaun Ryan, the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of SLI Systems. Learn how artificial intelligence drives personalized shopping experiences that generate compound revenue growth quarter after quarter. That’s predictive commerce.


Year Round Strategies for Competing with Amazon

Join Allison Enright, Editor for Internet Retailer, Fahim Naim, Founder of eShopportunity, and Dan Stepchew, CMO of Medelita, to find out new approaches across merchandising and marketing that drove sales and profits in 2015 for brands and retailers positioning themselves against Amazon, and the season’s success secrets that smart online merchants won’t wait until Holiday 2016 to try. Watch now to learn how to compete with Amazon.


Mobilegeddon: Not Over Yet

Google’s April 2015 announcement that its algorithm would favor sites’ “mobile friendliness” sent retailers scrambling to comply. Few retail brands were unaffected, and by July sites that weren’t mobile-friendly were seeing up to a 10% dip in organic traffic. This mobile search webinar covers what worked since Mobilegeddon’s first foray, what didn’t and what retailers must do next.


5 Ways Social Listening Can Drive Ecommerce Sales

Online retailers have a powerful tool for learning about shoppers, the problems they are experiencing, and what would make them happy and loyal customers. That tool is social listening. In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn about social listening — including social listening tools and the social listening process — and five ways you can use social listening to boost your company’s sales.


How Frontgate Improved User Experience with SLI

Join special guest Jamie Buroff, Digital Merchandiser for Frontgate and Grandin Road, and SLI Systems Chief Marketing Officer Tim Callan to find out how Frontgate leveraged its site search solution to improve user experience and increase sales.


Create Holiday Perfection Online

Holiday shoppers can be finicky, demanding and unpredictable. But if you deliver what they want, you can win their holiday dollars and loyalty. Get the latest holiday ecommerce tips from special guest Jim Davidson, head of research at Bronto Software, and SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan. Find out what shoppers really want this holiday season. (Hint: It’s not what you think.)


Advanced Data Mining for SEO Success

Join SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan to find out how to leverage SEO data mining for your website and uncover your hidden SEO treasure.


Merchandising Matters – Mimic the In-Store Experience Online

As you start your holiday planning, don’t overlook the foundation of your online merchandising strategy. Join SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan and a special guest to find out how perfecting your merchandising can boost online conversion rates.


How to Win Loyal Customers on Your B2B Site

Amazon Business is here – Are you ready? Join B2B expert Albert Woo from leading B2B e-commerce platform Intershop and SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan to find out how your B2B site can act like B2C and win loyal customers. Watch this B2B ecommerce webinar now for insights that can have an instant impact to your sales.


How to Get the SEO-Driven Revenue You’re Missing

Join SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan and special guest Elizabeth Whiting, director of e-commerce at Steiner Tractor, to find out how to get the SEO-driven revenue you’ve been missing.


Mobile Search 101 – Best Practices

Amaze Mobile Shoppers with an Engaging User Experience.


Site Search – An E-commerce Competitive Advantage

Marine Depot scales with e-commerce acceleration solutions.


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