Big Data E-commerce Infrastructure

Multi-level Redundant Big Data E-commerce Infrastructure
We take big data analytics for e-commerce seriously. SLI Systems’ reputation of high performance and proven uptime is backed by redundant servers in eleven data centers around the world. This level of reliability makes SLI the perfect fit for large, high-traffic sites.

Serious Scalability
To ensure unparalleled speed and reliability we leverage a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN delivers content assets such as thumbnails and larger images to accelerate their delivery to end-users (read: your shoppers). Say goodbye to slow database queries and connections and hello to an extraordinary buyer experience.

Security You Can Count On
Each SLI server is equipped with the latest security management and anti-virus software to ensure the most secure environment for our hosted services.

Advanced Monitoring
We’ve got you covered. In order to maintain the highest quality search experience for site visitors, we constantly monitor thousands of system metrics. This way, if something goes wrong, it will typically be caught and fixed before there is any impact on your search.

All system maintenance, big data analytics, and software updates happen automatically with no hands-on involvement from your team. With built-in redundancy in our system architecture, your customers will never experience a system outage due to maintenance or code changes.


“SLI delivers the flexibility and scalability we need. They always respond and we haven’t issued them a challenge they haven’t met yet.” Keli Keach, E-commerce Manager, NRS