SLI’s Solutions Overview

SLI E-commerce Product Discovery Suite™

Search, personalization, traffic generation & merchandising

The SLI E-commerce Product Discovery Suite turns shoppers into buyers by accurately predicting which products they are most likely to buy now. SLI provides the most advanced e-commerce technology solutions empowering retailers to optimize customer conversion rates, order value, and lifetime customer value.

SLI Systems is committed to providing analytics, metrics, and merchandising tools that deliver insights and actionable information to empower online retailers to improve conversion rates and average order value. On average, retailers using SLI product discovery solutions convert 6.7% of their shoppers to buyers, well above the industry average of 3.9%1. Not only do SLI-based stores have a superior conversion rate, but the average order value is significantly above average, as demonstrated in the table below.

Convert More

Converting new and repeat shoppers into buyers depends upon getting the right products in front of them at the right time using everything you know about that individual shopper. SLI Learning Search®, SLI Rich Auto Complete™ and SLI Enhanced Search Personalization™ improve conversion on average by more than 50%.

Sell More

Maximizing conversion drives transactions, but it’s increasing average order value (AOV) that drives revenue and profitability. SLI Learning Recommendations™, SLI Learning Navigation®, and the SLI merchandising tools are responsible for increasing the AOV customers see by at least 30% when compared with industry segment averages.

Engage More Shoppers

You can have the most current and compelling merchandise, but if no one can find your store, it doesn’t matter. With pay-per-click yields continuing to decline, there’s even more pressure to achieve improved organic search results. SLI Site Champion® and SLI Landing Page Creator™ do exactly that while SLI Mobile™ brings the benefits of SLI learning solutions to the ever-increasing number of mobile shoppers.

E-commerce Platform Extension

SLI Learning Search Connect extension for Magento brings the inherent advantages of AI-driven search to Magento-based e-commerce operations for rapid integration and significantly improved conversion and AOV.