E-commerce Analytics Tools

SLI Analytics: Data & Visibility Drive Success

Management guru Peter Drucker famously observed that “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” and nowhere is this truer than online retail. But, succeeding in e-commerce requires more than just collecting data. You also need the tools to analyze that data to produce actionable intelligence to drive business results. SLI’s analytics suite empowers online retailers globally to achieve an average 70% higher shopper conversion and twice the average order value compared to industry averages.

At SLI, we believe online retailers must have three components working together to create the visibility and control to maximize store revenue:

  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Comprehensive metrics
  • Automated and manual merchandising tools

Merchandisers that manage to get all three of these components in place and working together create a “virtuous cycle” of measurement, visibility, and action that drives their business.

“I love the quick-and-easy flow of seeing what is going on with the website at a glance. The SLI Dashboard gives me a snapshot of top searches, page views, clicks and other metrics so that I can make merchandising adjustments based on our shoppers’ actual path to purchase.”
– Johnathan Karch, Vice President of Marketing, 3Rivers Archery

Analysis Tools

SLI analytics starts with dashboards that give merchandisers quick and easy access to key metrics but also provide extensive report customization features to monitor the user behavior that matters most. Merchandisers can see in real time which search phrases, navigation paths, and personalization variables most impact their business.

Beyond the dashboards, merchandisers using the SLI Product Discovery Suite can also configure custom reports based upon the hundreds of metrics tracked for each SLI empowered online store. Regardless of product segment, demand generation strategy, or store architecture, the SLI analytics tools provide the actionable intelligence required by today’s successful merchandising teams.

SLI’s analytics tools now include Global Reporting, Learning, and Merchandising functionality that allows multi-store operators to see individual store and aggregate business results and leverage the machine learning and merchandising programs across all or selected stores.


Metrics are the instrumentation of any e-commerce operation. SLI provides merchandisers with the most comprehensive metrics suite available and includes visibility on more than 100 distinct metrics including traffic sources, conversion rates, and most profitable promotions & programs.

The latest addition to the SLI metrics complement includes new phrase metrics to track how shoppers engage with a site.  Reports now include visibility on product searches, search terms with zero or poor results, and search performance over time for any phrase.  They also track activity by device to compare how mobile users and desktop users each engage with your site.


The SLI merchandising tools can be set on “auto-pilot” to manage product placement based on the SLI artificial intelligence engine OR can be managed manually to present exactly the products a retailer wants to promote to any given user or segment at any given time. Learn more about the SLI Product Discovery Suite’s merchandising capabilities here.