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Product Recommendation

E-commerce Recommendations at Their Best

Of course they want a bag to go with those shoes. Delight your customers with e-commerce product recommendations that predict exactly what they want and say goodbye to average AOVs. SLI Learning Recommendations™ system creates a serendipitous shopping experience that boosts conversion rate and keeps customers coming back for more.

Connect Your Buyers with Relevant Products

SLI Learning Recommendations™ helps you create the ultimate shopping experience by connecting your customers with e-commerce product recommendations they love. Simple as that.

Increased E-commerce Sales

Savvy e-commerce product recommendations based on customer data automatically adjust to capture trends and know what the correct items is right now.

Added Cross-Sell & Upsell Opportunities

Maximize the value of each shopper by delivering relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities at every turn for bigger baskets and a better bottom line.

Get Personal

Tailored e-commerce recommendations learn from an individual’s real-time buying behavior. The result? Products that are a perfect fit and customers who shop for more.

With SLI Learning Recommendations, it is seriously drag and drop. It was by far the most user friendly for us on a daily basis in order to use our time more efficiently.

Kristen King, Online Merchandiser and Sales Manager, Allens Boots

Dynamic Recommendations Optimized Continuously

The SLI E-commerce Product Discovery Suite predictions continuously adjust to account for changing buyer behavior, seasonality and trends.

Show the Right Product Recommendations at the Right Time

Our tailored e-commerce recommendations target your buyers and personalizes the buying experience based on where they are in their shopping journey.

Extend Your Reach Beyond Your Site

Our API allows you to add e-commerce product recommendations to emails, shipping receipts and basically anything connected to the Internet.

Quick and Easy Implementation

A few lines of code on your page is all it takes to get Learning Recommendations™ engine working for you.

Make the Most of Your Organic Traffic

Dynamic E-commerce Product Recommendation Banners optimizes the experience of shoppers arriving from Search Engines and entices them to stay on your site.

More About Learning Recommendations

Download our Learning Recommendations™ product brief to find out how we help you maximize every upsell and cross-sell opportunity.

King Arthur - Case Study

Founded in 1790, King Arthur Flour is the oldest flour company in America. Its rich history was built on a passion for baking, and its products range from premium flour and mixes to kitchen tools and cookbooks. King Arthur flour uses SLI Learning Search™ to make sure visitors find everything they are looking for, including recipes, tips, videos, and products.

Webinar: Time to Switch your Recommendations Engine Provider?

In this recommendations engine webinar, we’ll share the latest in recommendations and merchandising technology that leading online retailers are using to help buyers to click “Add to Cart” fast… and frequently.

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