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The Commerce Accelerator

SLI Systems is the easy to use, predictive product discovery platform that learns from customer behavior to grow sales and delight customers. Our patented SLI Buyer EngineTM accurately predicts which products your shoppers are most likely to buy. It generates more traffic, converts more shoppers into buyers and maximizes order values. It's Your E-Commerce Site. Run It Like You Mean It.

Increase traffic

Help more shoppers find your products in search engines

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Accurately predict which products shoppers are most likely to buy

Maximize Order Values

Never miss an upsell or cross-sell opportunity

Website Tools That Delight Your Customers And Increase Sales

Our cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform predicts what your shopper is most likely to buy right now. This shortens the path to purchase, making it easy for you to delight customers and increase revenue.