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Learning Recommendations

In e-commerce it’s essential to get the most value out of each page you serve. Including product recommendations throughout your site increases the opportunity for shoppers to encounter additional products they’re interested in purchasing. SLI’s cloud-based service works in a broad variety of situations where you communicate with your customers and takes advantage of SLI’s exclusive learning technology to deliver intelligent recommendations to online shoppers.

  • Show recommendations where they will be most effective, for increased average order value, time on site and reduced bounce rates
  • Customize the recommendations on different pages by logic, including bought-also-bought, popular searches, products related by attribute or top sellers
  • Improve site metrics quickly with simple and fast implementation

Increase Your Opportunities to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
Enable your site pages to perform at their very best by showing recommendations in many different contexts, including web pages, mobile, in-store kiosks or order confirmation and marketing emails. Employ different strategies on various pages to increase the likelihood of shoppers adding to
their purchases.

Offer Contextually Relevant Recommendations
SLI Learning Recommendations’ logic is influenced by SLI’s learning search data, optimizing suggested products based on recommendation logic and data learned from customer behavior. You can tailor your Learning Recommendations logic to meet your unique site needs; your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to determine the best strategies to employ.

Accelerate Sales on Your Site
Enjoy a wealth of products that contribute to the overall profitability and success of your e-commerce site. SLI’s suite of e-commerce products including site search, navigation and user-generated SEO work together to increase sales and order values across your web and mobile sites. Additionally, our redundant triple-location hosting ensures the highest uptime and means your site is protected in any event. We serve tens of millions of search queries every day and can scale to meet your particular e-commerce volume needs.

Download the Learning Recommendations Product Brief.