Harness the Power of E-commerce Machine Learning

Meet the SLI Buyer Engine™

The SLI Buyer Engine™ is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that powers all SLI apps. The Buyer Engine is constantly answering the question: What is this shopper most likely to buy right now?

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Performance-Driven E-commerce Solutions

The SLI Buyer Engine™ continuously learns to improve the performance of all SLI apps and make their results more relevant. It delivers the competitive e-commerce machine learning advantage you need.

Diagram of e-commerce machine learning performance

A Smarter Machine for Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

This means your e-commerce search, navigation, recommendations, mobile experience, merchandising tools
and user-generated SEO are all driven by the same patented technology,
designed to take your e-commerce website to the next level.

Industry Expertise

Whether you specialize in high fashion or high tech, the SLI Buyer Engine™ provides proven performance for any industry in the retail and B2B space.

Makes Sense of Big Data

Patented technology processes big data in real time, including user behavior, transaction data, product data, non-product data and contextual data.

Go Global

The Buyer Engine is multilingual, so you can reach shoppers in 20 languages.