There are numerous rumors going round about the demise of one of our competitors, Mercado Software. They have a decent reputation but appear to be having severe cashflow problems. I would like to make an offer to any Mercado customers that are concerned about how this may impact the fast approaching holiday season. At SLI Systems we have the capacity and experience to quickly replace your search and navigation with no up front charges and relatively low monthly fees.  For clients who need a high degree of availability during holiday, we may be able to set up a backup/failover search system.

SLI Systems is in a sound financial position.  We have a lean company and strong revenues from hundreds of customers. We don’t have any cashflow problems and have been profitable for several years. We are still hiring.

Contact us today to find out why sites like Harry and David, Vermont Teddy Bear, FTD, Ulta, and Edwin Watts Golf have selected SLI.

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  • shaunr

    I noticed the article from newsvine (the last link) has been removed. Here’s the original post.

    “We saw a significant increase in sales after installing Mercado,” explained Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce at (
    “No one has told me what will happen with our on-demand account,” Mr. Smith said. While some things remain unclear, what is known is that in a “long tail” merchandise world where customers use a site’s internal search to find what they are looking for millions of dollars of revenue are now at risk just as e-commerce merchants head into their busiest time of year. Mr. Smith shared that in the month of September his site sold at least one of virtually every product on the site demonstrating Wired Editor Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory ( “You couldn’t pick a worse time for Mercado to fail, is very busy all the way through Valentine’s Day,” Mr. Smith explained.

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