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You’ve got the core functionality in place on your Magento store. Now you need to enhance your site to increase sales and optimize your customer experience. That’s where Magento extensions help.

But there are thousands of Magento extensions to choose from in the Magento Marketplace. You can easily spend too much time figuring out what’s the right extension across different business needs.

Here’s a helpful guide that gets you right to the best Magento extensions designed specifically to drive more online sales.

How to Find the Best Magento Extension for You

The Magento Marketplace makes it easy to browse and filter the many extensions. However, evaluating which extension is right for you can still be daunting.

It’s not as simple as looking at ratings. Even the most popular plugins typically only have a few reviews.

And just going with free extensions may not be the best way to save money.

Here are few criteria you can consider when choosing a Magento extension.

Free Extensions vs. Paid Extensions

It’s easy to jump toward a free extension. But most free extensions also require a subscription to that service. Calculate your total cost before choosing a solution, including the expense for the time it takes your developer to integrate and maintain that extension. Sometimes the higher priced solution up front is actually less expensive in the long run.

Look for Great Support

Help save your development time by choosing extensions that have excellent installation documentation and user guides. Better yet, check out their support information on the vendor’s website. Evaluate how responsive and helpful they are before making the purchase. That extra contact can help you avoid getting stuck later on.

Recent and Regular Updates

Magento is constantly improving as e-commerce continues to evolve. Your extension provider should be too. Partner with vendors that are committed to the Magento community. Look for extensions with recent or regular updates for new Magento releases and for additional features and bug fixes.

Now let’s look at the detailed list of Magento extensions that can help increase your sales.

Best Magento Extensions – The 2018 List

Winning more sales requires enhancements to each step of the customer experience:

  • Drive more traffic to your store
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Accelerate purchase with fast and easy checkout

We’ve curated a list of 13 top Magento extensions that can help you increase sales in 2018.

Let’s get started with the critical need to bring shoppers to your e-commerce site.

Drive More Traffic

More traffic means more shoppers. More shoppers lead to more sales. It’s that simple.

The challenge is winning shoppers who are ready to buy against competitors hungry for the same customers.

The following Magento extensions give you an edge and help drive more and better traffic to your store.

MageWorx SEO Suite UltimateSEO magento extension - mageworx seo suite ultimate

Magento helps your search engine optimization techniques with core functionality that Google and other search engines want.

The platform gives you the basics, like clean HTML, meta tags, simple URL structure, and automatic XML sitemap generator. These capabilities make your website easy to crawl. However, you’ll need to do more and at scale to win hyper-competitive search ranking.

Many extensions address a single element of good SEO. We recommend a single extension containing an entire SEO suite to really increase your organic search traffic.

MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that manages a wide array of onpage SEO features that includes:

  • identifying duplicate content
  • enhanced site indexing
  • canonical URLs
  • optimized meta data
  • auto-generated XML sitemaps
  • cross linking
  • SEO redirects
  • advanced rich snippets

Price: $299 for Community edition, $599 for Enterprise edition

Learn more about MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

Remarketing with adaploremarketing magento extension - adaplo

Remarketing is a proven advertising tactic to increase sales by bringing previous visitors back to your store. Product remarketing ads are displayed on Facebook and Google Display Network (GDN) that match what your shoppers have already viewed.

The challenge is automating your remarketing ads across all your visitors and for all your product SKUs. adaplo makes automated retargeting easier.

adaplo creates the retargeting campaigns on Facebook and GDN by launching dynamic product history. It can also expand your ads to more audiences and different ad types.

Price: Free, requires an adaplo subscription

Learn more about adaplo

Wyomind Simple Google ShoppingGoogle Shopping Magento Extension - wyomind simple google shopping

This extension is the M2 version of Wyomind’s highly rated Simple Google Shopping. You can easily sync your Magento store’s product feed with Google Shopping.

What sets Simple Google Shopping apart are features that help you synchronize accurately without spending a lot of time, including:

  • Map your product categories to Google categories
  • Schedule tasks to generate your data feed
  • Check that your data feed was generated error free
  • Verify your data feed generation stats (number of items, time and resource)

Price: $80 for Community edition, $120 for Enterprise edition

Learn more about Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

Email Marketing with Brontoemail marketing magento extension - Bronto

Email marketing remains a dominant marketing channel that drives more traffic and sales. Your e-commerce email marketing should be more than broadcasting your sales and discount offers.

That’s why Bronto is the perfect email platform for your Magento store. You can send targeted and personalized emails to your customers and newsletter list.

The Bronto Connector for Magento easily imports purchase information from the Magento platform into Bronto campaign manager. Using that full order history you can curate personalized email and cross-channel marketing campaigns at scale.

Price: Free, requires a Bronto subscription

Learn more about Bronto

AddThis Social Media SharingAddThis social media magento extension

Let your customers spread the word about your products. You get more already-enthusiastic visitors when your current shoppers share on social media.

AddThis is the easiest way to add sidebar share buttons to your Magento store. This social media extension can connect you with over 200 social networks for easy sharing … for free.

Plus, you have control of the style to match your store in both desktop and mobile browsers. And you can pre-populate the message being shared. As a result, your shoppers are more likely to share.

Price: Free

Learn more about AddThis

Increase Conversion Rates with Better Customer Experience

Now that you have help driving more shoppers to your online store, it’s time to turn those shoppers into buyers.

The best way to increase conversion rates is to provide your visitors with a great customer experience.

Customer experience trends show the most successful retailers are executing well at every step in the buying journey.

Here are some Magento extensions that can help you do the same.

Smart Site Search with Learning Search

Visual Merchandising Autocomplete E-commerce Site Search - e.l.f. Screenshot

Customers who search for products have higher purchase intent than shoppers who are “just browsing.” You need to make sure you are delivering the search results that those must-win customers are most likely to buy right then. 

Go beyond simple keyword matching from your product feed. With SLI Learning Search, your e-commerce search box becomes an AI-powered tool designed to continuously improve query results and generate more revenue.

Further boost conversion rates with rich autocomplete functionality. Less clicks and browsing is what you want. Display specific product results while adding visual merchandising with appealing product images.

Better yet, you can leverage the same behavioral data to add AI-powered product recommendations to product pages, in your shopping cart, or anywhere on your site. Getting personalized recommendations along with higher converting search results can give you a big advantage over using separate plugins for recommendations and site search.

Price: Free, requires an SLI Systems subscription

Learn more about SLI Learning Search

Social Media Content with Pixlee social media magento extension - Pixlee

Social media content posted by you and shoppers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social channels can really improve engagement. In turn, that more personal social proof increases conversion rates.

Pixlee helps you identify and curate user-generated content so that you can display beautiful look books and social image galleries throughout your site. And those images are shoppable to make it easy to click “buy now.”

Pixlee also delivers the advanced social campaign features you’ll want in a single solution, including the ability to:

  • Launch social contests and promote engagement campaigns
  • Publish visual reviews and social posts on product and category pages
  • Personalize emails with relevant social proof
  • Track your social content’s conversion rate and engagement metrics

Price: Free, requires a Pixlee subscription

Learn more about Pixlee

Special Promotions Propromotions magento extension - amasty special promotions pro

Discount offers and promotions are proven to increase transactions. But managing all the different types of offers across all your SKUs can be incredibly time-consuming. Not to mention, ensuring you don’t kill your profits by discounting the wrong products or by displaying expired sales.

Amasty’s Special Promotions Pro extension reduces your headaches with a powerful promotion manager. The extension gives you access to 22 discount and offer rules for cost-effective promotions building in bulk or for individual products.

Additionally, you can automatically create personalized promotions using customer data. The extension builds one-to-one, hyper relevant deals for you using data like order history and birthdays. That level of personalization can really help drive repeat sales from loyal customers.

Price: $129

Learn more about Special Promotions Pro

Amasty A/B Testinga/b testing magento extension - amasty a/b testing

You should always be running experiments to discover the major and minor updates to your Magento store that can maximize sales. Amasty also provides a helpful A/B Testing extension that gives you everything you need.

You can run A/B split test and multivariate tests for particular products or product groups directly from your Magento admin panel. You can customize one or multiple tests at a time based on different goal metrics, products, and “winner” criteria.

What makes this testing extension even nicer for you is that you aren’t required to develop duplicate product pages with each test variation. No extra development time and site bloat helps you focus on improving your customer experience, not coordinating the tests.

Price: $179

Learn more about Amasty A/B Testing

Full Page Cache Warmer by Magewarespage cache magento extension - magewares full page cache warmer

Front-end site elements and promotions get a lot of attention when improving customer experience. But site speed and page performance is also a must-have consideration.

Page caching extensions like Full Page Cache Warmer are the simplest ways and most effective ways to make sure your Magento store loads fast for your visitors. Full Page Cache Warmer automatically crawls your store to find any uncached pages or newer versions of already cached pages.

Then the “warmer” part of this extension kicks in. This extension uses a special technique warms each page as if a real visitor is hitting on that page. The result is faster page deliver when a shopper does actually does land on your site. Pretty slick.

Price: $129 for Community edition, $379 for Enterprise edition

Learn more about Full Page Cache Warmer

Win More Sales with Frictionless Shopping Cart

So far we’ve covered Magento extensions that increase traffic and then help you improve your conversion rates. Now it’s time to focus on the most critical step – ensure your customer completes their purchase with a fast and easy checkout experience.

Smart One Step Checkoutecommerce shopping cart magento extension - aheadworks smart one step checkout

You’ve optimized your online store so that a customer clicks the “Add to Cart” button on your product. Don’t lose the sale by adding extra steps to completing the purchase after they’ve decided to buy.

Customers now expect a single page checkout process that they are familiar with from shopping on other online stores. Give it to them with Smart One Step Checkout.

Smart One Step Checkout offers all the functionality you need in a single extension, including:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Customer login for one step purchase or guest checkout
  • Edit items in the cart
  • Apply discount codes and gift cards
  • Checkout behavior and abandonment reporting

Price: $299 for Community edition, $1,499 for Enterprise edition

Learn more about Smart One Step Checkout

Subscription And Recurring Paymentecommerce subscription magento extension - magenest subscriptions recurring payments

Subscription models have become a popular way for e-commerce businesses to sell their products. Keeping customers buying from you month-after-month can be incredibly profitable. However, subscription purchases require a different checkout and payment infrastructure.

Aheadwork’s extension adds subscription and recurring payment functionality you need. It can become your primary checkout experience for pure subscription businesses. Or you can create trial subscriptions or automatic product re-order options.

The recurring payments integrate with your merchant services provider. This makes regular billing easy for you and your customer. Plus, it helps reduce payment failures due to credit card expirations or cancellations.

Price: $249

Learn more about Aheadworks Subscription And Recurring Payment

SimiCart Mobile App Buildermobile app magento extension - simicart mobile app builder ios android

Most Magento themes already support mobile responsive design. So shoppers using a mobile browser usually have a good experience. But you may be missing a segment of customers who prefer to shop in your own branded app.

SimiCart helps you build your own iOS and Android mobile app to boost up your business through the Apple App Store or Google Play. SimiCart integrates directly with your Magento store infrastructure so that product feeds, ordering, and fulfillment are all synchronized.

You can then customize your mobile app’s design and features as you wish. Make it look like an app version of your mobile website. Or create a custom app experience with shopping features. You choose.

Price: Free, with SimiCart subscription starting at $49/month

Learn more about SimiCart Mobile App Builder

Magento Extensions that Improve Your Sales

These 13 Magento extensions are designed to increase your sales in different ways – driving more site traffic, improving conversion rates, and accelerating customers through checkout. Make sure to check out these extensions and see how you can take your sales to the next level.

MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

adaplo Remarketing

Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

Bronto Email Marketing

AddThis Social Media Sharing

SLI Learning Search

Pixlee Social Media Content

Amasty Special Promotions Pro

Amasty A/B Testing

Magewares Full Page Cache Warmer

Aheadworks Smart One Step Checkout

Magenest Subscription And Recurring Payment

SimiCart Mobile App Builder