If you’re like most online businesses, by now you’ve probably taken the plunge into social media marketing. Maybe you have a company blog, or you’ve created a Facebook page and/or a Twitter feed to help build community – or perhaps you’ve created a YouTube channel for your company and product videos. But once you do all the hard work of creating this social media content, how do you attract an audience? There are many techniques to make site visitors aware of your social media initiatives. Here’s one that you may not have thought of.

Adding social media content to site search results is a great way to bring attention to your efforts in this area. Visitors who are searching for specific content on your site will see relevant social media posts within your search results, and will be encouraged to click through to your various pages – and hopefully, become fans and followers. Additionally, the added content can further help them in their purchasing decisions, and engage them with your company.

The addition of social media content provides a richer searching experience for your visitors and provides more opportunities to direct them to information to learn more about your products and services. Some of our customers have started doing this, so that when visitors enter their search terms in the search box, the search results will include links to posts on Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

Many ecommerce sites make the mistake of only providing site search for their products. We recommend that you add all of your content to site search – both content on your site (products, videos, blogs, helpdesk information, etc.) and off your site (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

When you’re ready to add social media content to your site search, we have good advice to offer. If you’d like to find out more about social networking and site search, contact us.

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