At SLI we provide search, navigation and automated SEO services. One interesting and topical subset of the site navigation services we provide is the gift finder – a useful tool that gives people an additional way to find products that would make ideal gifts for the different people on their holiday lists.

The gift finder is very simple to deploy and is a tool that can generate more sales activity on your ecommerce site. It can easily be promoted on the home page or throughout the whole site, and allows people to define a set of criteria (e.g. price, occasion, recipient, gift type, etc.) and see a list of all the products that match those criteria.

The gift finder isn’t necessarily different from normal navigation – it’s just labeled in a way to be a utility for people doing their holiday (or other type) of gift shopping on your site.

We’ve found that one of the key criteria for a gift finder is having the ability to specify a price range. Most people know how much they would like to be able to spend on a gift – so the ability to see the products (ordered by popularity or by anything else that is relevant) that are within their budget is very attractive.

You can see an example of this on the Edwin Watts homepage:
Edwin Watts Gift Finder

This is a perfect time of year to implement a gift finder – and it can be taken down immediately after the holidays if desired.