Talk to any dog owner, and you’ll quickly find that their pet is just another member of the family. They’ll do anything they can to protect them. DogIDs sells pet collars with built-in ID tags that any dog owner would drool over (sorry!) However, they weren’t seeing the conversions on their site that they were hoping for.

They explained to me that their search was not being used by their customers and was not returning very relevant products. Search boxes are a really important part of any eCommerce site, because customers who search tend to have higher conversion rates. When you think about it, it’s pretty clear why – they have a product in mind and they are looking to find it.

Clint from DogIDs wanted to help his customers find exactly what they were looking for, which is why he came to SLI Systems. Their site was being redesigned at the same time, so I worked with the team at DogIDs to implement SLI’s Learning Search and Rich Auto Complete products and also ensure that our pages seamlessly blended with their new design.  Rich Auto Complete allows products that match the search query to be displayed right below the search box, so customers instantly see products that match their search without having to navigate to other pages. The fewer clicks we can have from a search to product page the higher the conversions will be!

In the month since implementation, we’ve seen amazing results. The number of pages clicked per visit has more than tripled and the time customers spend on the site has quadrupled just by adding site search to the page. Those numbers were even higher when we added Rich Auto Complete to search queries. DogIDs also saw a 28% increase in ecommerce conversion rates with Rich Auto Complete compared to 3.5% without site search at all.

I love seeing those kinds of results, because it validates that our learning search and Rich Auto Complete features have unmistakable value for our clients. Seeing improvements and working with a client who also has the same goals in mind makes my job more satisfying. We’re here to make sure that our platform is easy to use and our clients see the conversions they’re looking for.