In our latest Ecommerce Podcast, Dave Baird, vice president of marketing and co-owner of MagnetStreet, spoke with our fearless leader, Shaun Ryan, about how site search data helped MagnetStreet identify an opportunity for a new line of business, which has become a huge success. As Dave explains in the podcast, most of the custom magnet company’s customers were in the real estate industry (real estate agents like to send custom magnets to their clients as a useful self-promotional tool). When the economy took a nosedive, magnet orders from real estate agents dropped.

As you’ll hear Dave discuss in the podcast, about a year before the economic crisis, MagnetStreet had launched a search engine optimization project and began looking at popular search terms on their site to see if they’d find new keywords for paid search campaigns. They discovered that searches for “save the date magnet” started turning up, and Baird and his colleagues realized that they could develop a new line of products appealing to brides who needed to create a clever date reminder for wedding guests.

Dave says that the “save the date” magnets were a huge success and helped make up for the decline in orders of real estate agents.

Check out the MagnetStreet podcast to hear more about this growing company’s strategies for enhancing the online customer experience, such as personalized recommendations and an integration with Facebook that will tell users when other friends are shopping on the site.