Kidrobot is one of those brands that people love to Like – it’s common for a single Kidrobot post to receive more than 1,000 Likes on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. moustache_labbitAs the retailer’s popularity has expanded for its mustache-sporting Labbits, paint-it-yourself MUNNYs and other popular art toys, so has the company’s need to connect its online shoppers with its wealth of social media and blog content.

Such rich non-product content can be the catalyst that transforms a browser to a buyer – or drives up order values.

Case in point: While researching Kidrobot for this blog, I searched the company’s site for Yummy brand toys and enjoyed looking at Yummy’s plush pizza, hot chocolate and ice cream sandwich… but it wasn’t until I clicked on the Instagram tab and saw the adorable photos of these stuffed toys that I experienced the overwhelming need to own more than one Yummy plush of my own (#truth – I now own nine).

Kidrobot_YUMMY_screenshot_17Mar14Six months ago, Kidrobot did not yet have this valuable social media content available on the site’s product pages. A fan searching Kidrobot for Marvel MUNNY toys would not have learned from the search results that Kidrobot also has Marvel Labbits, or that Marvel Labbit artist Frank Kozik would be signing products at certain Kidrobot store locations. In fact, six months ago it was challenging for shoppers even to find the products they wanted on

“We give our products unique names, and it used to be that if you didn’t get the spelling correct for an on-site search, you wouldn’t find the product you were looking for,” Kelsey Vendetti, Kidrobot e-commerce & digital marketing manager, said in a case study and press release published today. “Visitors would search for something as simple as a t-shirt and get one result when in fact we offer over 20 t-shirt styles.”

To resolve these challenges and others, Kidrobot turned to SLI Systems. We made their products easily findable with technology that produces the most relevant search results, and we brought in the social, blog and video content that could help shoppers decide to buy. We also increased their site traffic through our Site Champion SEO solution.

The results tell the rest of the story: a 13% increase in orders, a 4x increase in conversions for visitors using the search box and a very happy customer.

“From the capabilities of their technology to the helpfulness of their support, the whole package of working with SLI is a huge improvement from what we had before,” Vendetti said.

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