Have you ever shopped for clothing, books, or sporting supplies on your mobile device? If so, was it an easy process, or was it cumbersome and time-consuming? While the numbers vary a bit from report to report, most experts predict that consumers will soon launch themselves into the mobile commerce revolution – possibly even during the holidays. You need to make sure your online business is ready for these shoppers.

If you’re ready to take the mobile plunge, we have some tools and services that can help you do so quickly and cost-effectively. We recently introduced SLI Mobile, which helps you create a mobile version of your e-commerce website, complete with search and navigation features. Our solution takes into account the special challenges of conducting e-commerce on a device with a small screen and varying data speeds, so we offer several tools to make searching easier, such as refinements and smaller images.

And just like the service we provide for regular e-commerce sites, we allow you to integrate your product pages with ratings and review solutions, as well as social media content. We can create mobile sites that work on all major devices and platforms, including iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android phones. If you already have a mobile site, we can simply provide you with search and navigation functionality – or, we can provide you with search, navigation, and product pages and integrate them with your shopping cart.

For our existing customers, launching the mobile site is a fast and painless process – we already have all the data and can set up the mobile site with almost no effort from the customer. Our customer Century Novelty, whose mobile site is now live, found out just how painless and cost-effective SLI Mobile is: “SLI Systems did all of the heavy lifting to create the site, and at one-third of the cost estimates we received from other mobile vendors—and the entire process took just a few hours of my time,” explains Ian MacDonald, vice president and general manager of Century Novelty.

If you’d like to study up on mobile commerce, download our new white paper, Site Search and the Mobile Commerce Revolution. It’s free, and inside you’ll get fresh ideas on developing a mobile strategy, and making your mobile commerce site as user-friendly as possible. Click here to download the guide – and to find out more about SLI Mobile, contact your Customer Success Manager or our sales team at sales@sli-systems.com.