Optimizing site search is hard—as is training staff, increasing conversion rates and maintaining retention. The good news is that with properly configured search support, we can gather and act on actual and trend information to better tailor the customer experience. We can also begin to source machine learning and AI to automate many (but not yet all) things on an ecommerce website.

Arranging search results is not good enough

In essence, your search box is your revenue box. Site visitors who engage with search functionality are looking for something to buy. If you can help them find it quickly, you’ll increase conversions. An intelligent search tool can do a good job showcasing relevant items for each shopper, based on what we know about their behavior. Using that information, it’s easy to rearrange results based on clickthrough trends, popularity and some other fancy recipes.  Depending on your business, this is good, but not good enough.

Search customizations are key

Take, for example, searches for everyday merchandise like  ‘sweaters.’ Depending on several factors, a search for a sweater can take on different meanings. So much relies on a customer’s geography. Visitors from a cold climate like Chicago looking for a sweater in November are not likely to be looking for the same type of sweater that would be perfect for a person browsing from a hot climate in February, like Arizona.  This holds true not just for clothing, but also for footwear, hair care products, and beyond. Having the ability to work with your search provider to make these customizations is important if you sell anything that could be affected by a shopper’s locale. 

Explore the possibilities

Take a moment and consider both your product line and user base. Could a customization strategy help you deliver a better shopping experience? What you stand to gain are increased conversion rates and durable customer satisfaction. If this is intriguing and you’re curious to learn more about how SLI has helped other retailers, don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.