When your customers are browsing through dozens of search results – for instance, if they’re searching a general category instead of a specific item – the task of viewing each product can be tedious. If shoppers need to click on every result to get a better look at products and accompanying information to figure out which one to buy, it can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

To make things easier for your customers, we’re now recommending mouse over pop ups, which will save your shoppers time, consequently speeding up their purchase decision time. With this feature, shoppers can mouse over images in search results to see a larger version of the image and/or pertinent product details in a pop-up screen. This allows them to browse many products without having to click on each item and then backtrack to the search results again.

Our customer BedBathStore.com is using mouse over pop ups to help its customers cut time from searching. For example, if a customer searches BedBathStore.com using the keyword “pillows,” hundreds of  pillows are returned – and that’s a lot of pillows to look at. But by simply positioning the cursor over each image, shoppers can get a better look at colors and shapes close-up without having to click on each one.

If you’re going to add pop-up images to your site search, it’s important to make sure the images are positioned correctly, and don’t get cut off by the browser window. For instance, if a result appears near the bottom edge of the window, the pop-up image should appear above the search result – not below the edge of the window. This requires some careful coding, unless you’re an SLI customer, in which case you ask your personal Customer Success Manager and they’ll show you how this will look on your search and navigation pages.