We’re just completing the relocation of our Christchurch team into the new EPIC Centre. EPIC is a recently completed facility that will serve as a high-tech hub. This move has been eagerly anticipated, not only as a chance to join other tech companies in a cooperative space, but also to move from the cramped temporary offices in which we’ve been located since the February 2011 earthquake fatally damaged our offices.

EPIC, which stands for Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus, is an ideal place for SLI as we continue to find new ways to provide innovative and useful products and features. Our temporary offices were very basic and didn’t stimulate our team as much as our older building, but we all stuck it out and made it work. The EPIC Center has good light, spacious offices, meeting spaces and communal areas.

According to Will McLellan, one of the EPIC project’s founders, “The EPIC concept is based on the Silicon Valley model – where a building structure and use promotes innovation,” he said. “Our building will be home to 17 technology companies and will stimulate the growth in the technology sector here in Christchurch.”

SLI employees hard at work in our new offices

SLI Systems is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and it made sense to move into a building where we’d join a community of other tech companies. We’re looking forward to inspiring and being inspired by the collective passion for technical innovation that is being housed in this building.

Christchurch Central Business District was heavily damaged in the earthquakes; we feel that EPIC is leading the move back into the city center. The collaboration of tech companies is an important way to develop new innovative approaches, and having different companies in one campus will allow for new ideas which wouldn’t have been possible for one company alone.