The SLI Reporting Console provides merchandisers with more than 100 metrics, pre-built reports, and an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create custom reports. These analytics provide the detailed activity and revenue metrics required to understand customer behavior and take action to improve the site search experience. Analytics also provide visibility into the metrics used to calculate billing and assist in budgeting and assess return on investment. Earlier this month SLI Systems announced a suite of new analytics and reporting features that give our customers even more visibility of their shopper’s behavior. The newly launched functionality includes:

New Phrase Metrics

A new suite of top search phrase metrics and updates to our metrics give merchandisers more useful, actionable analytics including:
• Search phrase metrics for device types (mobile and desktop)
• Metrics that focus on search visitors
• Consistency in the way activity is counted across all metrics
• Metrics that report how many shoppers follow which redirects
Impact: The new metrics help merchandisers to understand more about how shoppers engage with their online stores. They can access data about product searches, search terms with poor results and high exit rates, and search performance and trends over time for any phrase. Merchandisers can also see the differences between how mobile and desktop users engage with a site. This information can be used to modify the shopping and mobile device experience, assess the impacts of merchandising activity, or identify opportunities to better meet shoppers’ needs.

Spider Free Metrics

Spider and bot activity can now be removed from the SLI Commerce Console reports using a combination of the International IAB/ABC Spiders & Bots List and user behavior analytics.
Impact: This new functionality will allow your merchandising team to focus their analysis and make decisions based on real user behaviour not malicious bot activity.

New Metrics for Learning Navigation, Site Champion, Learning Search and Log Data

New metrics are available and pre-existing metrics and reports have been enhanced.
Impact: New metrics increase the reporting coverage and level of detail available about how visitors engage with Learning Navigation and Learning Search. Merchandisers can also assess overall traffic with new details about which search engines crawl the site and which produce the most referrals.