Omniture announced yesterday that they are going to acquire certain assets in our competitor Mercado. The deal needs the approval of the Israeli government and that may not happen until the end of the year. In the meantime Mercado’s customers are in limbo from a support point of view. Most of the technical staff in Israel have been laid off, as have most of their US staff (we have talked to many of them) and the Omniture deal hasn’t gone through yet. We got no answer when we tried calling Mercado.  If and when the deal does goes through its uncertain how long it will take Omniture to understand  the Mercado technology to  a point that they can support it fully.

In the meantime I want to reiterate our offer to Mercado customers that are worried about getting through the busy holiday season. Site search and navigation is such an important part of a website – they shouldn’t be at risk during your busiest few weeks.

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