This is a busy time of the year for us. We’re busy because our customers are busy preparing for their busy time – the holidays. It’s busy, busy busy. Last year we saw that on average, the number of site search queries in the holidays was over 2.5 times higher than it was in September. The traffic starts coming almost immediately after Thanksgiving.

So any changes retailers are doing to sites are being done now. We’re busy responding to customer requests to tweak their search and update the look and feel of their sites. We’ve also had a couple of customers change their platform in the last week. On top of that we have a large number of new customers coming on board. We’re adding additional servers to our clusters to handle the increased holiday load. The good thing about having done this for a few years now is that we know what to expect.

Some of our customers are in the middle of their peak season at the moment. In particular, those with Halloween merchandise. Their traffic starts to ramp up in early August and, not unexpectedly, drops dramatically on November 1.