Aaron Wall spotted Google showing Related Searches below search results. This is his image.

Google’s realted searches below search results

I really like these – we’ve been generating them for almost a decade. They made their first appearance on the original snap.com (which later became NBCi.com) using our GlobalBrain technology. We now show them on most of our customer’s site searches. Here they are on the Travel Channel:

Travel Channel Related Searches - Top 10 Vacation Spots

Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land asks how Google generates these. I’m guessing that they are popular search terms used to find that particular URL. As Barry pointed out, if you search for one of the suggestions, get more links, you’ll see the URL from SEObook ranking top.

This type of related search is reasonably popular on the site searches we host for our customers. Typically we will see about 5-10% of people who search will click on one of these links.