Superette image2When fashion brand Superette launched in 2002, it was purely a brick-and-mortar store. Almost 15 years on and the brand has cemented itself as one of Australasia’s leading online style destinations. On the road to success, Superette sought out the technology, expertise and support of SLI Systems to establish an outstanding online customer experience through advanced site search technology. They weren’t disappointed. With thanks to SLI Systems, Superette’s expansive e-commerce store now seamlessly guides customers through more than 5,000 products. And the results speak for themselves – with online sales rising 57 percent year on year.

Entering the world of e-commerce

Keen to tap into a rapidly expanding online retail market, Superette launched its first e-commerce site back in 2010. Initially, the company used its e-commerce platform’s default site search function, which required that each product be configured for search. But with 3,500-5,000 products offered online at any given time, the task quickly became daunting for the resource-strapped team. More importantly, the default search function was delivering irrelevant results and low conversions.

Superette image3Delivering fashion at your fingertips

Superette E-commerce Director James Rigden quickly recognised that if the business was to grow, it needed to improve its online experience and help customers find what they wanted with ease. In 2013, James set about exploring more advanced site search options and SLI Systems came out on top.

“After speaking with SLI Systems about their capabilities and resources, it was clear that they were the professionals and knew what they were doing. They were also here in New Zealand, offered one-on-one expert service and were doing some great things in the market, so we jumped on board,” said Rigden.

SLI Systems implemented SLI Learning Search®, which learns from visitors’ site search activity and clickthroughs to deliver the most relevant results. The move had a rapid business impact, resulting in an average of 3x higher per-session value for those using site search. In tandem, Superette deployed SLI Site Champion® and gained high-quality organic search traffic by dynamically creating SEO-optimised landing pages that are indexed by Google and other Internet search engines.

The solution has extended Superette’s SEO footprint and made more content findable. Today, Superette has nearly 2,000 site pages indexed in Google, comprising approximately 10 percent of the brand’s entire search engine footprint.

Results that stand out

Superette has seen significant growth as a result of employing SLI Systems technology. The company has been able to identify customer trends and deliver highly relevant results, lowering bounce rates by nearly 50 percent and increasing per-session value. This change in its e-commerce strategy has meant Superette has been able to grow its business by an impressive 57 percent year on year.

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