SLI Systems’ mission is to accelerate sales for our e-commerce clients by helping their site visitors find the products they want to buy. We’ve done this over the past 12 years by developing and offering advanced site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile and SEO solutions. Today we announced a new way that SLI is connecting shoppers with the products they seek: SLI Learning Recommendations.

SLI Learning Recommendations shows related products to shoppers at various stages in the online buying process. Because the logic behind selected recommendations is based on our proven and patented learning technology, the suggestions are highly relevant. As shoppers notice additional products they want and add them to their online carts, the result is more conversions and higher average order values.

Not only does Learning Recommendations provide more relevant choices to the buyer, but also provides sellers with more ways to up-sell and cross-sell products. SLI clients can implement Learning Recommendations in one or multiple areas of their site, including home pages, landing pages, product results pages and checkout pages. Retailers can also use SLI Learning Recommendations beyond the online store – think in-store kiosks, catalogs, shipping receipts and order confirmation emails.

There are many types of recommendations SLI clients can implement, each based on different algorithms. We can create recommendations based on what other buyers searched for, clicked on or purchased. We can show other products by the same brand, top-selling products in a category or previously viewed products.

19Feb14 MCF Screen ShotAn example of SLI Learning Recommendations in use is on the site for Michael C. Fina, a leading East Coast retailer of fine jewelry and home goods. In its first two months of using Learning Recommendations, an average of 34% of Michael C. Fina customers viewing the recommendations clicked on at least one of the product suggestions shown. In the screen shot at the left, you can see the “Recommended” section SLI populates.

SLI has also helped Michael C. Fina see a 313% increase in per-visit value and a 187% increase in conversions for site search users, as detailed in a new case study posted today.


SLI Learning Recommendations can be very effective on checkout pages as well. In the below example, Footwear etc. shows recommended products based on the item the visitor put in her cart.19Feb14 Footwear screenshot

Footwear etc. VP of E-commerce Mike Baranov told us the feature improves how customers find products of interest on the site, and said he expects it to positively impact sales and revenue.

In addition to increasing conversions and order values, Learning Recommendations can reduce the bounce rate on your site and help shoppers discover new products you want to introduce. The Learning Recommendations solution is one more way SLI helps you accelerate your e-commerce business.

To learn more about SLI Learning Recommendations and our introductory pricing, email or call us at (866) 240-2812.