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Today we’re announcing that Spencer’s and its sister company, costume retailer Spirit Halloween are using our Learning Search and Site Champion services. Spencer’s sells humorous gifts and Spirit Halloween sells costumes.


 The two e-commerce sites (the company also operates brick-and-mortar locations around the country) see their biggest traffic around Halloween and Christmas. It’s important that we are able to handle these seasonal spikes to ensure that their customers can always find just the right products.


Jay Greenberg, director of ecommerce for Spencer’s, had been an SLI customer at his previous position at Franklin Electronics, and was so happy with our service that he advocated using us at his new company. We’ve seen this several times – when individuals move companies. For me this underscores the importance of ensuring that our customers receive the best service that they can.



You can read more details about Spencer’s and its choice of SLI here: Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween Improve Customer Experience on the Web Using Learning Search and Site Champion From SLI Systems.