PetFoodDirectEven those who aren’t in the e-commerce space know that the holiday season is the most profitable time of the year. But that doesn’t mean the other three seasons can’t be revenue-generating.

While you’re prepping for Holiday 2016, you can still please plenty of shoppers (and boost your business’ bottom line).

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your site. It is the season of spring cleaning and tax refunds, both of which can motivate consumers to treat themselves. Speaking of, I think I have some space for a new pair of shoes. …

So how can you attract and convert these shoppers?

Curate aesthetically pleasing landing pages

First impressions are everything. Impress and attract shoppers by curating unique landing pages for specific audiences. For instance, create pages that showcase your new spring inventory of sunglasses or patio furniture. Include links to these pages in your email marketing campaigns. (You can send me the one with the spring sandals.)

Use high-quality product photos and lots of them so shoppers really get a sense of your items. Seeing products from all angles, or clothing on a real person, will make shoppers feel more confident about adding items to their carts and checking out.

Lure shoppers deeper into your site with eye-catching banners that boast relevant content. After shopping for sandals, I will want to look for a new spring bag too.

Optimize for different devices (if you haven’t already)

Don’t be that online retailer that shows shoppers desktop results on mobile. Nobody has time for that! There is nothing more annoying for shoppers than having to zoom into desktop results on their mobile devices. In fact, they probably won’t bother and will instead move on to a site easier to use.

Shoppers are coming out of hibernation and no longer sitting at desktop computers or curling up with their laptops in bed. Make sure they can still enjoy a seamless shopping experience on your e-commerce site when they are out and about using mobile or tablet devices.

Set up your site search for seasonality

If I search for “sunnies,” I expect search results that contain (hot) sunglasses. Set up your site search to handle seasonal synonyms like “sunnies” and “sunglasses” so that shoppers don’t instead run into pesky no-results pages.

It should go without saying that your search should return relevant and popular items based on the search term. Consider conducting a site search audit and make sure the items that you would expect to be returned are coming up in search.

While you’re getting your site ready for winter code freeze, make sure you aren’t ignoring eager spring shoppers and spring clean your site.

For more recommendations on how you can improve your site, set up a site search analysis with our team.