SLI Systems just released our latest eCommerce survey and infographic, which illuminates new trends about online retailers’ priorities for the coming year, as well as for this holiday shopping season.

Overall, improving sales conversions was still the most important goal for online retailers, with 63 percent answering it was their main priority. Close behind with 61 percent was attracting more customers to the website. The survey of 457 retailers from around the world also found that expanding to serve international customers was another major priority. The surveyed included companies located in the US and Canada, UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia/ Pacific.

In anticipation of this year’s holiday shopping season, more than 40 percent of online merchants worked to drive more customers to their site by making improvements to their SEO, and created a more curated experience for customers by improving their merchandising. Additionally, 37 percent of retailers improved their refinements or navigation on their eCommerce site, according to the results of our survey.

Additionally, retailers are planning out their strategies to grow their site in 2013. The top New Year’s resolutions include making improvements to site search, SEO and mobile. In line with this year’s solid increase in mobile browsing and purchases for holidays shopping, nearly half of retailers said they will add a mobile version of the website, with about 20 percent planning to create a mobile app.

As more commerce moves online, the trends for retailers – improving SEO, driving conversions and finding ways to reach customers at many touch-points continues to drive the need for higher visibility from SEO, thoughtful user experience and innovative features to improve traffic, conversions and retention. We’ll take a deeper look into all of these trending features in the coming weeks and explore the best use cases we’ve seen.

These are just a handful of the results – to learn even more, click here to download the full report.

One thought to “Surprising Results from SLI’s eCommerce Survey”

  • Australian Woodwork

    Very interesting, thanks. That about tracks with our sites biggest challengers also, although finding new customers / traffic is probably of higher concern to us right now than conversion.

    Another big focus we feel is important in the coming future is mobile, especially in the arts & crafts space of Woodwork we find ourselves in which is very photo and media intensive. We are in the process of making everything mobile and tablet friendly, as it is becoming a larger and larger part of our traffic at Australian Woodwork.

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