BBoSST launch

It’s only been a year and a half since we last revised the Big Book of Site Search Tips. But as the speed of innovation for eCommerce increases, we found there were just too many new things we needed to include.

What kinds of things? Well, for one we found that mobile shopping has come so far in the last couple years – what used to account for 7% of total eCommerce sales in 2011 is now estimated to contribute to 16% of total eCommerce sales. This points to the growing comfort that people feel in making purchases on a mobile device. It’s becoming increasingly important to offer a user friendly shopping experience.

When you download the revised Big Book of Site Search Tips for 2014, you’ll find many more recommendations on how to optimize your mobile site so visitors find what they want quickly, leading to decreased bounce rates, higher conversions and ultimately, creating a powerful mobile search that users love.

Additionally, if you’ve been keeping up with holiday shopping trends, you’re well aware of how social media sites, like Pinterest and Facebook, have been a driving factor in increasing traffic and sales to some sites. The Big Book delves into these trends and illustrates interesting ways you can integrate social media, videos, blogs and other content into your site for a richer, more engaging experience.

You’ll find these tips and many more – download the Big Book of Site Search Tips.