This month, we have a tip on boosting conversions from people who land on your product pages from searches via Google and other Internet search engines. The tip is to show a tailored product banner to these visitors.

You have little control over how Internet search engines will rank your product pages so by showing (on the product page they land on from Google, Yahoo or Bing) your own list of products based on the search term used on Google, Yahoo or Bing you can make sure visitors find what they are actually looking for.

To do this we create a product banner using site search results for the search term they used on the Internet search engine (extracted from the referral URL).

A product that is ranking well in Internet search engines may have gone out of stock, out of fashion, or may simply not be your best seller. This technique allows you to put popular, in-stock items in front of the user that are relevant to what they’re looking for.

Our customer Motorcycle Superstore, an online retailer of motorcycle gear and accessories, is using this technique on its product pages. In the example below, the user searched on Google for “scorpion exo,” and clicked on the “Scorpion EXO-1000 Helmet” from Motorcycle Superstore.

When the user clicked, the relevant product page was shown and a banner dynamically added showing the site search results for Scorpion EXO helmets. Thus the user sees a range of products that may interest them, as well as the actual product that they clicked on.

Soon after creating these dynamic banners with SLI’s assistance and search data, Motorcycle Superstore experienced higher sales revenue: the retailer is seeing an average conversion lift of 2–5% for the items featured in the banner. In addition, the site search results banners are consistently in the top four most-clicked merchandising methods on the site.

We love seeing this type of innovation from our customers. We worked closely with Motorcycle Superstore to optimize these pages and were able to launch this feature in just a week. If you’d like to try this on your product pages, please contact your customer success manager. We would love to help you.

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    good article Shaun
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