Today we posted an interview with Lee Brown from Online Golf on the ecommerce podcast. One of the really interesting pieces of data that Lee shares during the interview is that people who view a video on their site are 85% more likely to buy than people who don’t. This is one of the strongest endorsements for online video I’ve ever seen. Online golf use the videos as a sales pitch, providing more information about a particular product.

As part of our proactive outreach (that we do for all of our customers) we suggested that their videos be incorporated into their site search. The products that have a related video now have a link that allows the videos to be played directly from the search results page. Over half the videos that are watched are now viewed from the search results page.

Online Golf Video

One thought to “Viewing videos increases sales”

  • Mike Darnell

    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for posting this.
    My name is Mike and I’m affiliated with, we’re the company that provides Online Golf with the video solution they use (you can actually just barely see our logo in the screenshot you provided just beneath the video playbar : )

    The numbers Lee Brown provided you aren’t very different from those we’ve been hearing fom out other clients. Just last week I put together a post based on a compilation of these stats published by various 3rd party sources (like yours) so if anyone is interested in reading more stats regarding the impact video has on ecommerce – please be my guest:

    All the best and thanks for the props : )

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