Visitors to your website should always be offered easy ways to navigate your site, shortening the time it takes from the beginning of their search to their discovery of just the right product or content. A couple of years ago, we introduced Auto Complete, which makes searching faster by providing suggestions for keyword terms as visitors type. It helps site visitors formulate their queries and reduce spelling errors, speeding up the experience and adding a little serendipity.

We’ve now gone a step further with our latest search enhancement, Rich Auto Complete. The new twist is that in addition to seeing suggested keyword terms as they type, site visitors will also see product images and product descriptions connected to those keyword terms. This allows visitors to access the content they are looking for without even viewing a site search page.

You can see how this works on our customer’s site, Cruiser Customizing. If you’re on the site’s home page and you begin typing the search term “kawa,” you’ll be given several completed search terms, such as “kawasaki vulcan.” In addition, you’ll see a list of  kawasaki-related products with accompanying thumbnail images. As you continue to type your search term, the suggested products and accompanying images will change based on the characters you’ve entered:

Rich Auto Complete

We’re confident that Rich Auto Complete will become a popular site search feature for our customers – we’re already seeing heavy usage of it, and we think it will become standard on leading e-commerce sites. It’s clear that Rich Auto Complete, in combination with an intuitive site search, can help site visitors find what they need and complete their purchases. If you’d like to try out Rich Auto Complete to see what impact it can have on your conversions and orders, contact us.