Closet London

Finding The Perfect Outfit Fast

Closet London was founded more than 20 years ago and became an established wholesale and concessions womenswear brand. The company began by selling its contemporary fashion through large department stores and then online through a well-known fashion retailer. In 2012, Closet seized the opportunity to oversee the brand experience and expanded into direct online retail sales with the launch of its first e-commerce site. Now Closet is one of the most recognisable and coveted contemporary fashion collections in London with a fast-growing loyal customer base.

The biggest challenge Closet faced initially was getting people to buy directly from its site. The company wanted to offer its customers a unique shopper experience that would keep them coming back to the site. However, Closet’s original website only had standard text search, with no keyword functionality, which wasn’t adequate in a crowded and sophisticated online fashion marketplace. Customers were not buying because they were not finding the items they were looking for. Closet realised that to drive sales and deliver an excellent customer experience, it would need to understand what site visitors were searching for and deliver relevant results.


162% increase in revenue from search users