Prescribing the remedy for site search collywobbles*

*Kiwi for ‘nausea caused by nervousness’


HealthPost is one of New Zealand’s top online suppliers of natural health, skincare and household products. The family-owned company began as a one-person catalogue mail order operation in 1988, supplying products to the domestic market. An early adopter of e-commerce, it grew substantially and now employs more than 60 people, sending products around the world.

CEO Abel Butler said HealthPost replicated its printed catalogue online in 2002, believing e-commerce was a good fit for the company.

To cope with growing demand, HealthPost decided to upgrade to a new site based on the Magento platform in 2014. But after conferring with SLI, it became clear to the HealthPost team that they could do a lot more to enhance site search. HealthPost implemented three SLI products in July 2014 — SLI Learning Search, SLI Rich Auto Complete and SLI Site Champion.


60% increase in use of the search function