Schuler Shoes

Putting more bounce in customers’ steps, with less bounce online

Since 1889, Schuler Shoes has provided quality footwear to residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Its online store extends the reach of the business nationwide and provides a way for local shoppers to purchase online or browse new styles before heading to one of its 10 retail locations.

E-commerce Director Michael Schuler recently brought onto the Magento e-commerce platform, then implemented SLI Systems using the SLI Learning Search Connect plugin for Magento. Whether using the SLI Rich Auto Complete™ menu from the search box or navigating through refinements like shoe width and brand, visitors now spend more time on the site and bounce less often. Before SLI, Michael had to modify the code to improve the site’s SEO and create merchandising banners. “With SLI Learning Navigation®,” he said, “the process is much easier. Whether I’m adding SEO data or making use of top page space for banners, I can do it all from  one page.”


23% higher conversions for search & navigation users