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Across the e-commerce product discovery space[1], most vendors focus exclusively on providing technology, typically in the form of an API or SaaS product that must be integrated with the customer’s e-commerce platform. Typically, they provide just enough resources for successful deployment; after that, customers are on their own.

SLI Systems sets a new standard of excellence, predicated on:

  • Delivering our products as a managed service
  • Offering a customizable product – and handling the customization
  • Ensuring our global data center deployments are performance-based
  • Serving as a site champion

Here to Help

We are committed to supporting SLI customers with a better deployment and operating experience. Since we perform all the data feed preparation and platform integration, our customers’ deployment is never at risk. It’s smooth sailing from there, with SLI’s experienced customer success team running the service once the deployment is complete.

What people are saying

The level of customer service is amazing. We have over 1m SKUs and hundreds of categories, and we needed custom solutions to get things where we wanted them to be.
Instead of just providing a service, they immerse themselves in it. As a client, you get the feeling they want you to succeed, as opposed to some vendors who are content simply collecting your money.
Great customer service – our account manager is very responsive and typically acknowledges new tickets within a few minutes during normal business hours. This simple act is a huge win, as we don’t have to spend time wondering if it’s been seen.
The relationship I have with my customer success manager, Keri – she is very knowledgeable about our business and is always willing to work above and beyond. She is creative in helping find us the best solutions to serve our customers better, and I feel like she is an extended member of our team.

Your Path. Our Promise.

The API/SaaS approach tends to carry a lower price tag, but it ties customers into the development team’s architectural, feature and operating process decisions. If a customer’s particular e-commerce model falls outside of those parameters, it can be difficult or impossible to integrate with the existing store platform successfully.

The SLI Systems product suite is designed to fit into any e-commerce environment. Our renowned e-commerce-focused engineering teams – one of the largest and most experienced worldwide – take customers exactly where they want to go.

What people are saying
They constantly push the envelope and never say ‘no’ to a feature request or enhancement.
They are very open to our custom, unique business needs and are willing to implement custom software to help us.

The Pinnacle of Performance

In addition to producing relevant search and recommendation results, successful e-commerce operations depend upon providing those results fast enough to influence the shoppers’ buying decisions. At SLI Systems, we ensure that immediacy. We house each client’s product discovery and personalization engines in 11 separate (and highly redundant) data centers globally. So our customers are up and running 24/7.

What People Are Saying

“Lightning fast search – results are returned extremely quickly. We moved to SLI after essentially outgrowing our in-house solution. We have nearly 600,000 products on our site, and our in-house tools were not as fast as we would have liked. It also helps that SLI is serving these pages, so it removes some of the load from our servers.”

You Need a Champion

Site Champion enhances e-commerce retailers’ long tail SEO efforts by automating landing page content that are optimized for organic search results. Leveraging SLI’s expert knowledge of search engine algorithms, we improve store-specific search results across all Site Champion customer sites. When it comes to product discovery, Site Champion is in a class of its own.

The Power of AI

All product discovery vendors cite AI/ML as a part of their technology stack – but none explain how they use it to improve search/nav/recommendation results or the shopping experience.

SLI, we have been using AI to optimize customer KPIs for more years than many of our competitors have even been in business.

We use three types of machine learning to optimize customer conversion, AOV and customer retention:

  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning

Through unsupervised machine learning, we identify customer segments, changes in buyer behavior and performance anomalies driven by spikes/drops in traffic, page views, clicks, and purchases.

Then we examine the results, fine-tuning our algorithms to transform the shopper experience and present the products customers are most likely to purchase.


The next step: feeding the algorithms into our supervised machine learning engine – the beating heart of Learning Search, RAC, Learning Navigation and other SLI Systems products.

The supervised engine runs against one of the largest training sets of online retail data in the world. The size of the training set is a key ML success variable, allowing SLI customers to realize the benefits of customer behavior/transaction data from many different retailers over an extended time.

In addition, we harness the power of reinforcement learning to refine new algorithms constantly. SLI engineers and data scientists collaborate to tweak existing algorithms – based on current buyer behavior data – and boost results. Using a massive raw data set, we then test the revised algorithms to determine if they are capable of outperforming those currently in production.