Give Your Shopping Experience a Complete Makeover

Crafting a flawless online shopping experience has never been more important for beauty retailers. Your site needs to look good, and function even better, to truly differentiate your brand within a competitive market. SLI helps you maintain consistent branding and site aesthetics, all while getting more of the right products in front of your customers.


Get Technical to Produce Beautiful Results

Deliver a seamless shopping experience by tying everything together on your site, from merchandising to product banners to SEO. SLI Systems allows you to:

  • Quickly provide more information on products with mouse-over or quick-view boxes that reduce the risk of abandonment
  • Display relevant suggestions simultaneously as users type into the search box. Rich Auto Complete™ will even account for slang and misspelled words in search results
  • Create customized banners that automatically trigger when customers are searching for certain products
  • Segment products by location to better manage regional variations in inventory and preferences
  • Incorporate relevant tutorials and showcase magazines where your products are featured

In an industry where style and tastes are constantly changing, SLI Systems anticipates trends and quickly adapts based on user behavior. SLI site search and navigation continuously learns and moves the most relevant items to the top of your search result. Let us show you how we can enhance your beauty.