Food and Beverage E-commerce


Serve Up an Enticing Food & Beverage E-commerce Shopping Experience

Ease the transition from browser to buyer by creating an enticing food e-commerce experience that is both engaging and beautifully designed. SLI Systems highlights the most relevant products and guides shoppers through a seamless checkout experience.

Sell More Online. Get the Food & Beverage Industry Brief.

Drive Sales and Revenue

Showcasing the most relevant products enhanced with specific suggestions and resources is all part of crafting an extraordinary food and beverage e-commerce buying experience. SLI allows you to:

  • Tag products to fit today’s dietary needs so shoppers can quickly identify gluten-free, vegan and low sugar options
  • Build seasonal landing pages, showcase reviews, and ratings, and put delicious recipes at the forefront of your shopping experience
  • Anticipate shoppers’ needs with Rich Auto Complete, which automatically displays an eye-catching presentation of products as they type
  • Keep shoppers on your site with dynamic product banners that suggest additional highly relevant products
  • Offer a large selection of refinements so shoppers can find exactly what they are looking for

For food and beverage enthusiasts, the products they search for and purchase define their lifestyle. That’s why we’ve made it simple to integrate social sites like Pinterest, combined with a flawless mobile experience. SLI sets your food e-commerce website up for success by organically drawing in more users and redefining personalized shopping.