Take your Power Beyond the Bling

Crafting an intuitive and effective e-commerce site is key to converting online jewelry shoppers. No matter if you specialize in handmade or high end, your shoppers are searching for specific designs and styles with tastes that are uniquely theirs. The minute they have to start wading through thousands of irrelevant products, they’ll bounce. We get it. That’s why SLI Systems learns from user behavior to always return the most relevant results and upsell recommendations, all in a beautifully crafted user experience.

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Deliver Excellence, Drive Revenue

SLI Systems drives revenue in three ways:  We generate more traffic, convert shoppers into buyers and maximize order values. We do this through the SLI Buyer Engine™, a cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that predicts what your shopper is most likely to buy right now. Imagine what you could do with that kind of knowledge. With SLI Systems you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate our apps into your site design for a flawless user experience
  • Present relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities with SLI Learning Recommendations™ and Dynamic Product Banners™
  • Instantly showcase products as users search with Rich Auto Complete™
  • Drive search engine users to your site and simultaneously improve your SEO with SLI Site Champion™
  • Easily promote products and analyze the results with the user-friendly SLI Commerce Console™

SLI puts your best selling products front and center as its learning search functionality continues to optimize based on every conversion. Sounds like selling jewelry online just got a whole lot easier.