Content Sites


Consume More. Search Less.

With smartphones in hand 24/7, we are creating, and consuming, more content than ever before. Forcing your readers to navigate the clutter will send them packing. We understand your pain. That’s why SLI Systems solutions for content sites learns from user behavior to always present the most relevant results quickly and easily.


Turn on SLI and Bob’s your uncle!* Results.
*Kiwi expression meaning “there you have it”

Using SLI, publishers and content site owners can create a better user experience, resulting in more page views per visitor and more advertising revenue. We can also help you:

  • Ensure your visitors can access and search your content anytime, anywhere – even on smaller screens and with limited typing functionalities with SLI Mobile™
  • Generate revenue by integrating with ad servers to place ads within your content
  • Make all videos, podcasts, blogs, social media posts, and other content available in a single search results page
  • Create redirects to specific landing pages for popular or trending search queries

Help your users find the information they are looking for anytime, anywhere by integrating SLI Solutions with your content site.