Party Supplies


Be the Life of the Party with SLI Systems

Throwing the perfect party is not an easy task, but sites that make it impossible to find the right supplies are committing the ultimate party foul. Intuitive search that learns from shopper behavior is key easy navigation by theme, event, or item type. We know that when it comes to party supplies, recommendations are the cash cow. We’ll make sure you cash in on every opportunity to increase awareness of your products and drive up order values.


Partner with SLI and Start Celebrating Higher Profits

Party planners’ to-do lists are as long as their shopping lists. Their experience on your site must be so seamless and intuitive that they’ll stay and purchase everything on their list from you today, and for every celebration down the road. We’ll help you:

  • Boost profits with SLI Learning Search™, which automatically learns from users’ past search behavior to improve the relevance of search results
  • Improve navigation to enhance the user experience and keep visitors wanting more
  • Present relevant opportunities for cross-sell and upsell at every turn with SLI Learning Recommendations™
  • Create focused category pages to delight customers and streamline the shopping experience
  • Drive customers to your site from search engines with automatically curated landing pages and Dynamic Product Banners™.

Help shoppers throw the party of the year by seamlessly guiding them to the products they need.