Pet Supply


Fetch Higher Conversions with SLI

Let’s be honest…spoiling our pets is one of our favorite things to do. But spending hours searching for the perfect treat or toy is not. SLI Systems ensures that pet owners can spend less time browsing the web and more time playing with their furry friends. For you, that translates to delighted customers who return to your site again and again.


SLI Systems: (Wo)Man’s Best Friend

Become the go-to site for pet lovers by implementing SLI Systems solutions on your e-commerce site. We will help you:

  • Turn shoppers into buyers with SLI Learning Search™ by accurately predicting what your customer is most likely to buy
  • Reduce the number of clicks from search to purchase with SLI Rich Auto Complete™, which visually displays the most relevant products as users type into the search box
  • Guide shoppers to the products and information they want using SLI Learning Navigation®
  • Maximize order values with SLI Learning Recommendations™, the personalization tool with proven upsell and cross-sell results
  • Increase site traffic and help your shoppers find your products from search engines with user generated SEO

Keep your customers and their pets happy with a website that learns from their behavior and serves up exactly what they want the moment they want it.