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The SLI E-commerce Product Discovery Suite turns shoppers into buyers by accurately predicting which products they are most likely to buy now. SLI provides the most advanced e-commerce technology solutions empowering retailers to optimize customer conversion rates, order value, and lifetime customer value.

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SLI Client Testimonials

These successful E-commerce companies are already using SLI Systems AI based product discovery solutions to optimize revenue, transaction volume, and customer retention.

“We used to create recommendations manually, but now we get the benefit of a solution that automatically brings smarter recommendations to more places on our site.”

“When site search works well, people who use it buy more, they stay on our sites longer, and they convert at a higher rate. Site search is as important to us as layout and design and shopping carts when it comes to crafting the online experience.”

“We already see the value of our investment with SLI. Conversion rates are higher and customers find products more quickly. The ability to create bespoke landing pages and learn from our customers’ online activity enables us to be more innovative and further influence revenue.”

“Implementing SLI Systems intelligent search solutions has been key to our e-commerce growth. Having already seen positive results, we’re looking forward to using the full set of SLI tools available across the whole site.”