Webinar: How to Compete with Amazon

47 million people are members of Amazon Prime, and their 2015 holiday shopping activities tell us a lot about what is working works (and what isn’t) in online retail.

Amazon unwrapped new features, functions and offers to keep dazzling shoppers throughout the 2015 holiday season, and it’s safe to say that retailers who are successful in competing with Amazon’s Santa machine aren’t winning by depending on the same strategies and tactics that worked a year earlier.

This webinar highlights new approaches across merchandising and marketing that drove sales and profits in 2015 for brands and retailers positioning themselves against Amazon, and reveals the season’s success secrets that smart online merchants won’t wait until Holiday 2016 to try.

You will learn how to compete with Amazon, including:

  • What retailers did to compete in 2015
  • What branded manufacturers did to compete in 2015
  • What strategies you can implement today to have a better 2016